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Tools For Having "The Talks" Workshop Online Series

Casey Blake has designed a four part workshop series for parents and caregivers who want to talk to their children about bodies, boundaries and sexuality. 

These talks are designed to:

These workshops are not limited to parents and guardians. Teachers, aunts, uncles, social workers and psychologists have attended these workshops and found them helpful with their interactions with children and young people.

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Empower yourself as a parent

This Workshop Series has been designed for parents, caregivers and teachers. So that you feel more comfortable and confident having these conversations with kids.

The workshops are age-group specific. Talking to a 4-year-old child is going to be different to talking a 12-year-old. Therefore, the workshops are divided into the following age groups How to talk to: 3-6-year-olds | 7-10-year-olds |  11-14-year-olds.


Your Workshop Host

Hi! I am Casey Blake, a Registered Counsellor with a special interest in sexual wellbeing, gender, trauma and sexuality and relationship education.

I created Tools for Having “The Talks” utilising the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) guidelines for sexuality education.

This guideline is based on international research on what content is considered age appropriate for children and young people of different ages to know.

Workshop Structure

Each workshop in the series is 3 hours long. Workshops are spread out over 4 sessions, generally every second week. This is to allow parents, teachers and professionals attending the workshops an opportunity to practice talking to their children in the ways we discuss in each workshop. 

  • The importance of speaking about the entire body with our children, and how.
  • How to speak about the genitals and puberty without the awkwardness and shame many of us experienced.
  • Potential consequences of not speaking about these topics at all, in negative ways, or using incomplete messages.
  • Gender
  • How not all pleasurable touch is sexual.
  • Good and bad touches, and feelings of being safe vs unsafe.
  • We reflect on previous conversations we’ve had with our children about who can and cannot touch their bodies, and why.
  • We unpack how to speak to children about boundaries for their own bodies. How to navigate societal expectations for physical contact – e.g. hugs at social gatherings.
  • Secrets, surprises and abuse


Building on the feedback, tools and knowledge from the first two workshops, we discuss ways to appropriately speak about:

  • What makes a family
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries within relationships
  • Different parts that make up a persons Sexuality


Building on the information and feedback from the previous sessions, we discuss speaking about

  • What makes something sexual
  • Sex Acts
  • Safer Sex

What Clients are saying:

Casey creates a relaxed environment to share personal experiences, to learn about evidence based best practice when talking to kids about sexuality, and to critically think through every day dilemmas so you feel more equipped to deal with them when they come up.


Coming from a family that does not talk openly about the topics that were covered, this was the most empowering tool.


Casey is warm, friendly, and provides a safe space within which to discuss sensitive issues. Having the workshops in 4 parts gave you time to take what was said in a particular workshop and apply it at home to see how well it works.


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Minuach Street, Highway Gardens, Germiston

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