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There are many situations which leave us wondering “What Now?” Some of these include: ​

"People start to heal the moment they feel heard"
- Cheryl Richardson

The Services I Offer Include:

Our sexuality, gender, relationship and erotic identities are important parts of ourselves I provide a space to think about how narrow the social expectations for our intersecting identities can feel, when we don’t quite fit the normative mold.

Our sexuality is a very sensitive but important part of our lives.

It is more than who we are attracted to. It includes how we think of ourselves as sexual beings, our attractions, the kinds of sexual engagements we have, want to have, have no interest in having, and more. When we are not comfortable with our own sexuality, it can sometimes be a source of (inner) conflict in multiple areas our lives. When we are comfortable with our own sexuality, life seems to flow smoothly. However, when our sexuality is a source of conflict in our lives, life seems to be full of hurdles and obstables

Parenting often brings up our own stuff, including what we thought we had dealt with already. The parental counselling I offer provides a space to unpack what parenting is bringing up for you, assisting you in being more present for your children. My approach includes supporting responsive, conscious  and attachment parenting. This includes an understanding of what is reasonable to expect from children at different stages of their development.



Some people seldom think much about their gender. Maybe because your gender has not been something you’ve ever thought much about. Never really questioned it. Some people think about gender a lot. Maybe the limited ways that people can express themselves within gender norms has not sat well with you? Maybe the gender you’ve felt yourself to be hasn’t quite matched up with the gender assigned to you. I offer a space for you to think about possibilities around gender and all that it encompasses.

Most of us grow up with monogamy as the only legitimate way to have romantic/sexual relationships. It’s what we see around us in our community, and what is represented in the media. And yet we know that monogamy seems to be a struggle for so many people. If you’ve been thinking about ways to approach relationships differently, and would like a space to think through this, enquire about booking sessions with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling provides a safe space to talk about your concerns, without fear of judgement. The counselling process is driven by you, the client, and we only work on the difficulties you feel most comfortable working on.

Counselling provides an objective perspective of whatever you talk about, which often helps you see your problems from an outsider’s perspective. We may also discuss how the difficulties in your life affect your daily functioning, and explore alternative ways of thinking about these issues.

No. Payment for sessions are the responsibility of the client, paid before the session begins. If you would like a reimbursement from your Medical Aid, it is your responsibility to submit your invoice to the Medical Aid.

The counselling I offer is for people who are experiencing a lot of situational pressure and stress, and feel like it is making them crazy, not that they are crazy. Being under huge amounts of stress and pressure often makes people feel ‘out of control’. Many of my clients come for counselling to get back in the driving seat of their lives, so that they are no longer controlled by the emotions and turmoil which stress can create. As a Registered Counsellor, I have many counselling skills, but I am not a Psychologist. If you suffer from clinical anxiety or depression (you have been diagnosed by a professional), or any other psychological disorder, I will have to refer you to a Psychologist, who is qualified, trained and experienced in helping people with such difficulties.

Many people feel that their anger is out of control, and makes them do and say things which they regret later. The kind of anger management which I use does not erase or obliterate your anger. It helps you to get an understanding of what is causing this anger, how to notice when it is starting to get serious, and how to diffuse this emotion before it gets to the point that it controls your actions. I believe that anger is an integral part of the human experience. From my experience, anger is often used to cover up negative feelings, such as rejection, fear, and frustration. People often try to block out their anger, which results in them blocking out a range of other emotions, including happiness. My method of anger management provides a safe space where my clients are allowed to express their full range of emotions, which often lowers their anger levels.

Sexuality Counselling is a counselling process which focuses on your Sexuality. Sexuality is discussed in an open, non-judgemental manner, and your difficulties are discussed. The feelings, thoughts and sensations related to these difficulties are explored. Often, I will give my clients homework which focuses on ways that they can learn to pleasure themselves, and their partners if necessary, if the reason for seeking counselling is pleasure related.

NO! There is no touching of any kind during the sessions. I might shake hands with my clients when they arrive for their session, as a form of greeting. That is the sum total of the physical contact between my clients and myself.

Relationship counselling focuses on the general dynamics within the relationship. Often, but not always, this counselling process focuses on communication skills, conflict resolution and helping the partners in the relationship get a clearer understanding of what they expect out of the relationship, as well as what is expected of them. Sexuality counselling focuses on the sexual and intimate aspects of life. This can be done with a couple or an individual. It often, but not always, focuses on how your sexuality affects your life, positively and negatively. There are so many different reasons for seeking sexuality/intimacy counselling, that it is hard to say here what typically happens during such sessions.

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